Tarina Tarantino Jewel Box

Gooooood evening :)

A few weeks ago, I grabbed the Tarantino jewel box palette from Sephora. Thought I'd make some swatches of the products in this magic box ^^
The box is a metallic grey and is soft padded at the lid and separated into 2 layers. I use the bottom layer to store lenses x)
A closer look at the palette. This set features:

Pearl Glow Primer
Gem Gloss in Ruby Headphones
Fleur de Lash Mascara in Opal
Eye Dream Hypershadows

Swatches in the order from first column down:
The first column features bronze shimmers with a white shimmery shadow.

The second column houses brown based / nude shades including a nude shimmer pink and pink/peach that is barely visible on the swatch, I apologize! But the nudes are great as a shimmery base.

The third column attempts vibrant cool toned purples/blue. This column was slightly disappointing since the colors looked very vibrant in the pan, but is not nearly as pigmented.

The last column features a sheer gold, matte coal black, metallic grey, and coal with multi-colored sparkles. These I like!

Swatch of the ruby lip gloss and pearl glow base...

To be honest, some of the eyeshadows could be better. The most disappointing for me was the vibrant column with royal blues and purples. It took me a few swatches to come up with a pigmented color for the camera. Also, the last two blues were extremely powdery and clumpy.

My favourite would be the bronze and nude shimmers, as well as the final column featuring gold and coal colors. Those were generally pigmented and have a great texture.

Stay power for the shadows is so-so... tends to crease a bit for me, but that may be because I have pretty oily lids, though I do use the UD primer potion.

I do, however, love the ruby headphones lip gloss! It's a very wearable red and would look good in the winter (thinking ahead a bit :P).

One of the main reasons I bought this was for a cute storage box. This served its purpose, and is quite useful in the long run. I would still recommend this because it works and it's just so cute. Plus these are only $39 for a $299 value kit. Why not?

So what do you guys think? Mhm or nuh-uh? Let me know!


  1. The palette box is so cute~ I really like the purple shades =)

  2. colours on the bottom left corner are so cute ^^

  3. Such pretty colors! Would to see you do an EOTD using them. :)

  4. Very pretty colors! I love her packaging! xo -Taj

  5. The colors are totally gorgeous but they're lacking in pigmentation. Will be doing a EOTD with them for sure though!

  6. the box is so lovely and the colors so cutee too <3 <3

  7. wow it looks soo cute! makes me want it too :)

  8. Oh my dear god,that box is gorgeous! I have a weakness for cute packaging!,very pretty! following you back ^-^

  9. Thanks for dropping by! Yup, it completely tugged on my weakness too :p

  10. Thanks!
    I like it too :P But I must be careful ;P


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