Review: EOS Max Pure Brown (G201)

Back with another lens review!

Today I present to you, the popular EOS Max Pure Browns:

I purchased these lenses from kiwiberry1-collection. These are my go-to lenses for everyday wear (though I don't wear circle lenses everyday for the sake of my eyes). I'm sure you've heard it all before: it's natural, comfortable, glossy, you name it.
Diameter: 14.5mm

The lenses have a dark brown limbal ring and a very natural gradient into a light honey color near the iris. These blend flawlessly with brown eyes.

Let's bring up the numbers!

Design: 5/5
Very natural design. These are simply the perfect daily circle lenses.
Color: 5/5
Very pretty honey brown color with a beautiful gradient. The color is just light enough to tint my dark brown eyes with a light brown ring.
Comfort: 5/5
EOS lenses = maximum comfort (for me at least :p)
Enlargement: 4.5/5
These lenses can be very dolly due to its dark limbal ring, yet it is not completely black. These enlarge quite well in a natural way.

Overall: 5/5
You can tell I love these lenses!

By the way, I also received the 2 pairs of lenses I bought from kiwiberry1-collection a few days ago. Since they're based in Vancouver, Canada, I receive them usually in 2 or 3 days.

These are the EOS Max Pure Greys and EOS Gothic Browns:
I'll be reviewing these later after a good soak, so stay tuned! ^^


  1. very nice! you look good with them :) just found your blog I'm following now hope you can follow back Ç:)


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  3. they look great on you! :) thanks for dropping by my blog :) you should check out the white eyeliner from rimmel,its pretty decent for its price :)


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