Grapefruit Ginger Cheesecake + lots of L-O-V-E

August 28th marks a very special day for me: the BF's birthday -v-!

We decided to celebrate early. This is the first birthday we spend together since a year ago, and I wanted to celebrate with a homemade cheesecake ^^

My first time trying to bake cheesecake, but it turned out amazing! The most time consuming part was peeling the grapefruit slices one by one x.x But I felt so happy making this cake ^^ The chocolate heart and box was made last second, eek~

The cheesecake was so rich and creamy, will post recipe if anyone wants to give it a shot! :p

On another note...
More stuff in the mail!

Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Lotion (toner)
This toner makes your skin so soft and moisturized. I bought this in preparation for Winter when my skin gets drier. It's very light and almost mattifies upon application. Like the picture on the cap, your hands actually do stick to your face everytime you pat it on! Fun, hehe. This product is extremely popular in Japan; 1 bottle is sold every 4 seconds ^^

Kiss Me Heroine Ultra thin eyeliner: This is an incredible liner! My Hourglass one ran out and I really wanted a thin liner for precision and control. It was a fight between the Dolly Wink Eyeliner and this one. A lot of people preferred this one over Dolly Wink, and the price is much less expensive, so I thought why not? This is extremely smooth and pigmented. And the tip is only 0.1mm, so it really allows a precise application.

Off to finish baking my shepherd's pie~ Have a happy day everybody!


Dolly Wink Lash Lovers lend me your ears!

Here to share with you guys yet another giveaway, this time a pair of Dolly Wink eyelashes in No. 1 and No.2:

This giveaway belongs to Emily from ThisWasForever (clickity click to go to her giveaway page).

I found out about this one a bit later, so there are only 2 days left before the giveaway ends on August 27th. So get busy!


Bits & Pieces! (Etude House/Stila/Skinfood/Mentholatum)

This morning I was awaken by the doorbell. My dear mail man had stuffed a few morning gifts in the mailbox for me ;D

Needless to say, no matter how often I receive things in the mail, they never fail to excite little old me ;)
Here lies my...
Etude House Aloha Cocktail Syrup Nails in #2 Sunshine Bronze
Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Vanilla
Skinfood Pomegranate Scalp Care Tonic
Mentholatum Medicated XD Lip balm

Cocktail Syrup Nail set! This is the limited edition summer nail kit from Etude House. You guys might be familiar with the Spring edition Miss Tangerine nail set. This Aloha set also comes in a pink kit called #1 Rose Cocktail. But I like this one more for the summer~ I think I'll be collecting all of their gradation sets in the future!

It's like the darker version of Miss Tangerine nail set, which I regret not buying!

Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Vanilla. I love the consistency of this "lip stick". It's glossy and smooth and very hydrating, yet it's not even close to sticky! I think I will be trying a few more of their sticks because I love the convenience and the formula so much ^^ The vanilla shade is essentially a slightly shimmery, moist gloss over the lips with no pigment. Kind of reminds me of YSL Candy Sheer Volupte in Lush Coconut ;D
Boring lip balms? I think not! I stumbled upon these when I was in Japan and my lips just happened to be extremely chapped (had a terrible cold). I grabbed the closest thing and this has become one of my stables! This is literally the only lip balm that immediately heals my lips and makes them soft and plump, and I am a total lip essence / balm / whatever junkie! Even the BF notices by the way ;)
I've always been troubled by the fact that I have relative thin hair and I tend to lose a bit more hair in the Summer. It just recently occurred to me that maybe I should be pampering my scalp a little. I was choosing between the this and the Yanagiya collagen medicated hair essence, but ended up with this one. I tried it on today and it is extremely minty and tingling on the scalp. Great for the summer~ Needless to say though, this one really requires some testing out to review and give results. I will have to be patient to wait and see ^^