Princess Room Renovation! ❤

Ah, I've been so busy lately because I'm officially renovating my room! I've been dragged across town looking for the perfect floral wallpaper and canopy bed but in the end, I've decided not to have a wallpaper on one wall any more.

So instead, I've bought a white vanity desk / drawer and floral lace curtains, and a white canopy bed with a floral template. I'm planning to find those wall stickers of a large, exquisite flower to paste on one corner of the wall beside the vanity desk. Also, I've decided to paint the room in "Cupid's Arrow" (extremely light baby pink). For some reason, I'm just leaking with girliness lately.

My room inspiration

Oh how I've always wanted something from fairy tales *--*

So I've already lined the crevices of my room with green tape and the paint is ready to be poured on tomorrow! I'm very excited, but this means I don't have time to update the blog often. I'm looking to do a review on a few things I bought from Sephora; which are the Benefit Hoola bronzer, FairyDrops Mascara, and Laura Mercier Tinted moisturiser in Nude. I'll also be reviewing the Max pure brown and gothic brown lenses soon. Keep an eye on those! ^^

I shall see you all later!


  1. Oh my~ Those rooms are SO cute! I would feel like a princess in there!

  2. Such cute rooms ! I just found your blog and it's so cute ! ^^ I am a new follower on google friend connect, follow my blog back if you like it, I'd love it ^___^
    Kisses from Italy

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  3. Really beautiful inspirations! Love them!Would you like to follow each other? I really love your blog, so I just have followed you. If you like my blog, I hope you can follow me back ;)


  4. Thanks for following guys ^^

    My room is half done~ I'll be posting a few pictures soon ^^

  5. OMG! Those rooms are sooo cute! : ) Every Girlsp needs pink in her room! : D

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  6. So cute!

    I love all princess stuffs... <3


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