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So here's a little update due to the overwhelming guilt of not updating recently.

I've recently purchased two things that I want to do a review on separately. Most people might be familiar with these already, it is eyebrow mascara and another BB cream!

If you don't know what the eyebrow mascara is, it is simply a tinted mascara for your... eyebrows. When we dye our hair a different color than our natural hair color, we are sometimes tempted to dye our eyebrows with leftover dyes as well. But do not do that! You may have gotten lucky, but you'll never know when your facial skin will react to the chemicals.

That's why we have eyebrow mascaras from myriad brands. It coats our eyebrows with a different color so that our hair color will match with it. It is also temporary and removable with water or eye make up remover.

The specific one I purchased is Palty eyebrow color in Light Brown. And I have been using it for quite a while, so I can give a fairly decent review on it ASAP.

The next item up is SHILLS Limited Edition Cherry Blossom BB Cream. Be careful when buying this online, because the cheaper ones (priced around $6 USD) are counterfeits. Be nice to your skin! Because SHILLS is a Taiwanese brand, try to look for sellers from Taiwan specifically to minimize your chance of getting imitations. I am a sucker for limited editions, plus it was cherry blossom! I just couldn't resist. Due to the hype around it, I finally got my hands on one. After doing a fake and real comparison, I can safely say that I was able to grab a real one. This was purchased on eBay (same with the mascara) for around $11 for 50mL, which is a very good price. The seller is ct_taiwan.

So these reviews will be coming up very soon!
Check back to see if you're interested :)


  1. I've seen those Palty eyebrow gels on eBay and at first I thought they were permanent dyes because Palty is famous for their hairdyes. Looking forward to your review because I have very dark eyebrows and am planning to dye my hair a lighter shade. :)

    ♥ Milk

  2. Thanks for following!

    The review is now up and hopefully it will help (: It works quite well, although it is the only brow mascara I have tried. I'm a huge sucker for Palty products ;D

  3. Looking forward to read your BB cream review =D I want to try new bb creams ^^


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