Review: Palty Eyebrow Mascara

Apologies for the laziness!

It is once again Final Exam time, the perfect time to put aside the books and do make up reviews (:

This will be a quick review on Palty's brow mascara in Light Brown. This is something I've always wanted to try, and I have tried it long enough to make a decent review for you guys.
Here's a little FYI: I have kept my hair a natural to light brown shade with Asian hair dyes such as Palty and Prettia, etc., for a few years. Therefore I really needed something to turn my eyebrows from black (my natural hair color) to a lighter, more naturally brownish shade in order to match my hair. Black eyebrows and brown hair tend to make you look "fierce". I recently went back to black and am in love with it. Nevertheless, this little gadget is definitely handy to have.The brow mascara is essentially in your typical mascara applicator form. The difference, however, is that the applicator is much smaller and thinner.
Compared with Too Faced Lash Injection (travel size, godly mascara).

The texture of the product is more liquid than your typical lash mascara, resembling a cream. There are gold sparkles that are very visible even when applied to your brows. I don't know how I feel about this but, it coats your brows with an iridescent golden glow.
Please excuse my un-groomed eyebrows! My eyebrows are naturally sparse and deadly straight (the Asian eyelash texture). The first is a before photo, and the latter an after shot. Unfortunately you probably can't see a large difference, but in person you can definitely tell the difference as well as the golden shimmer particles. Keep in mind that I have not used any eyebrow pencils, which is why you can't see a drastic difference yet. I recommend:1) Groom and trim your eyebrows.2) Fill in your eyebrows with a light brown or taupe brow pencil prior to using the product.
3) Brush Palty's eyebrow mascara through gently, it tends to stick to the skin if we're not careful!
4) Wait for it to dry and gently brush through any clumps.

Now the wows and uh-ohs.

  • Successfully lightens my brows
  • Small, convenient packaging
  • Creamy texture a little too runny for my taste
  • Tends to smudge along the skin, almost impossible to remove then :(
  • Difficult to accomplish even coverage
  • Horrible smell! (But then again, it doesn't smell once you've applied it)
Rating: 3/5

The product does what it is supposed to do, but that's about all. For the ladies who plan to engage in a long-term relationship with lighter colored/bleached hair, I suggest you seek more permanent methods to dye your eyebrows with professionals (do not use the hair dye itself, too risky!).

Please keep in mind that the colors run slightly darker when actually applied. If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will do my best to help!


  1. Not really good review.. :(

  2. Aw I'm sorry you couldn't find this review useful. This is a quick review after all. Please let me know how I can improve and I'll try my best to do so <3


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